Restaurant "August 13"

170 m2

About the project

The gentle warmth and sunlight, the feeling of lightness, the desire to flutter freely, laugh, indulge in the exclusively hedonistic joys of being — this is the mood I wanted to create while working on the design project of the Italian restaurant "August".
I put this idea into literally every detail of the interior. Here, guests will enjoy life, comprehend its playful nature and recharge their batteries. The place is suitable for a romantic date, and for a holiday in a large company, and for a weekday lunch alone. And certainly not suitable for boredom, it is impossible to get bored in such an environment!

Planning solution

Photos of the project

The restaurant has an open kitchen, cooking here turns into a culinary show behind a glass screen, fascinating and awakening the appetite.
Convenient for both the cook and his audience, the cooking area is not overloaded with visual special effects, so that nothing distracts the audience from bread and circuses.
The richness is expressed not by the bright decor, but by the color and structure — soft tones, heaviness and glossy sheen of panels made of Indian granite and marble. The same materials are repeated in the countertops. The natural pattern in the stone adds luxury and sophistication.

Project publications


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