MosBuild 2024 Exhibition

48 m2

About the project

The task from the company’s management was simple and clear: we need to creatively show our products, our current and future production capabilities.
At the same time, I was allowed to be creative and there were no restrictions.
A kind of door museum was presented at the stand, pointing at the QR code of each door, the visitor could understand its philosophy-concept.
Of course, the name of the door was given for a reason.
The names of the doors are the names of people who have done a lot for my professional growth.
The doors were named by different names.

Planning solution

Photos of the project

Tina Gurevich’s five-leaf door, Ani Eman’s "Pisanskaya" door, Julia Chebotar’s corner door.
The complexity of the times:
I have to say, this is my first experience in designing a stand for such a large-scale exhibition, I hope there will be more!
It is very exciting and responsible.
Of course, there were difficulties.
— At the last moment, the pavilion was changed for us, because of the tragic events.
— Then the location of the stand itself and I had to "mirror" everything and change the drawings again.
— It was also not easy to ventilate the stand, but everything was for decoration, so that the leaves in the stand "moved".


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