«Lefortovo Love»

A small apartment in the residential complex "Symbol"
24.2 m2

About the project

The main task of an interior designer is to create a certain level of comfort.
Comfortable, functional, visually neutral, but not bland living space with competent zoning is the basis of the house.
It acquires a complete style in details that, like a perfectly fitting dress, transform and emphasize individuality.
Guided by these principles, I designed a cozy, fashionable and slightly daring solution for a small apartment of 24.2 m2 in the residential complex "Symbol".

Planning solution

Photos of the project

The customer wanted to reflect the spirit of modernity in the interior and pay tribute to history, because her house is located in one of the oldest districts of Moscow — in Lefortovo.
So at the entrance to the apartment there was a portrait of General Franz Lefort in the Cubist style — it is executed in the main colors of the entire interior.
Therefore, the neoclassical style was taken as a basis, which fits into any project, whether it is a large ancestral nest outside the city or compact apartments in a megalopolis. A win-win option.
The picture with rushing Red Army soldiers continued this idea, dynamic, setting the pace. A provocative note was added to the overall sound by a picture with an extravagant life slogan of the customer.


Watch the video of the project

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